This page is badly out of date... you may want to visit my blog Electric Penguinland, the Fedora Jam wiki page or my Fedorapeople space. The only recent item here is the guitar string bend calculator.


Moved my PET camera schematic as one IP was downloading it at hourly to five minute intervals.


Added quite a lot from 2007; most significantly pictures from Riga and Tallinn and my parents visiting Cambridge. Also a few from Phil's and Irene's birthdays, visiting Downhill (particularly Mussenden Temple), a little bit of running (well, light jogging), the occassional fireworks and lots of pictures of trees and ducks.
All albums, except for Norway ones, are accessible from the albums page.


Carelessly deleted links to


Those new albums are now available thanks to the SRCF.


Started uploading newer photos, however ran into a little space problem. Result is some new photos, the rest unavailable until the admins smile on me.


More Ely, some shots taken around Cambridge in October.


Pictures from the Grantchester Fields running route, some more of the route to Ely, Chariots of Fire 2006.


Some more recent pictures and a master albums page:


New albums (and regenerated the old Norway ones). I'll get a proper index page done for them soon hopefully, but in the meantime:


Norway 2006 photographs now here. (NB: get a proper camera)

If this looks familiar it's because it's based on my older pictures site.
Which still hasn't been updated. I will probably merge the two at some point in the future. For the moment, please just enjoy some pictures from a near lethal visit to Norway.

Schematic diagram of a PET camera and Line of Response tube. No relation to Norway whatsoever.

Ogg meta-data sample file